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Since 1973, Hezel CultureSmart has assisted organizations nationwide achieve profitable growth by providing accurate, informative answers to difficult questions. From the moment a company chooses Hezel CultureSmart, we work to give the optimum return for their dollar. Our staff of principals and resource personnel include degreed professionals who have been owners and key executives of profitable companies as well as educators in the field of business. We focus on small and medium-sized companies in a variety of industries. This consortium of professional associates and staff members bring to your company expertise in virtually every aspect of business.



  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mary Martin and the Hezel team for well over ten years – with two separate companies. I view the relationship with Mary truly as a partnership and an extension of my team. Mary’s services for our team include everything from management assessments, to individualized coaching and development plans, to in house training...
    Brooke WilleyVice President – Human Resources -- CRST International, Inc.
  • I have been very happy with the HCS program. Its accuracy in “profiling” a candidate is uncanny.  Where we have used it in actually helping inform hiring decisions it is invaluable.  I rely on it quite a bit for helping assess cultural fit and to assess the qualitative requirements for specific positions... 
    Neil T. KellenCFO - Aspen Beverage Group
  • Mary Martin, her team at Hezel CultureSmart and their assessment tools have been the core of revolutionizing our recruiting and hiring process.  Mary’s vast knowledge, experience and intimate understanding of our culture combined with the information we receive from the assessments has become an invaluable part of our recruiting, hiring and team development processes... 
    James L. Hayne Jr.Chief Executive Officer - Catto & Catto
  • Advancial has incorporated the Hezel CultureSmart assessment throughout our hiring and development processes. The reporting and interview questions provides a tool for us to further explore with potential employees and an additional resource that helps us ensure we are choosing great talent that will fit within our organization. The team at Hezel CultureSmart are a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help explain reports and profiles.
    Tara WeaverAdvancial Federal Credit Union
  • Assessments can be a very useful tool when used properly.  Not only is the ability to select valid tools important, but HCS offers the ability to consult with Mary Martin, an industrial psychologist who can offer insights helpful when considering candidates, always respecting the client’s process for selecting talent.
    Barbara BentleyCatto & Catto     
  • During the course of my career, I have used several pre-hire assessments to support my organization in making good, solid hiring decisions. HCS is the tool that I have used for the past 10 years and have the most confidence in.
    John RungeDirector of Human Resources - C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
  • From my perspective: Hezel CultureSmart is a valuable resource in our selection process. It provides insight and data that helps us determine how successful a potential candidate will be at CHG. For current associates, it helps to determine what areas we should focus on in their development. The system is easy to use and results are available quickly. The customer service provided is top notch. We value the individualized attention and report review that is available to our associates.
    Stacey DeCrescenzoC.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
  • The HCS Assessment is an excellent tool used to identify specific competencies needed for a candidate to be successful in a position and how well the candidate fits with the position and culture of the company. The assessments are highly personalized and administered efficiently. The consultation and coaching provided by the team when reviewing assessment results is invaluable.
    Tammy KinnonManager, Talent Acquisition & Development - FBD Partnership, LP
  • When recruiting technical talent, a candidate not only needs the proper skills, they also need to be suited to a company’s environment to be successful. Assessments performed by Hezel CultureSmart provide our company with a non-biased evaluation of the hard and soft skills of the candidate. This helps us avoid placing too much emphasis on their technical merit. Since we adopted these assessments as part of our hiring process our technical employee retention rate has increased.
    George BaileyFBD Partnership, LP
  • I have worked with Mary for several years…in my current position as HR Manager at JTEKT Automotive and in my former HR Manager role. The selection testing helps us make more sound decisions as we review candidates for hire. The most beneficial part of working with Hezel CultureSmart is the personalization we get from Mary and her team. If we ever have any questions, they are always available and helpful in interpreting the assessment results. I would definitely recommend Hezel CultureSmart to anyone looking for selection assessments.
    Tammy MyersHuman Resources Manager - JTEKT North America Corporation
  • We love working with HCS for the individualized approach they take. We appreciate that Mary has taken the time to understand our organization and use that information to make sure that each assessment really works for our organization. Using the assessments in hiring has helped us to identify our best candidates. Moreover, it has allowed us to ask better questions in the interview. The assessments are also a great personal development tool. They have also served to help us understand our teams in really profound ways. I couldn’t imagine leading without the tools HCS provides.
    Kristen MashburnChief of Staff – Retail - Listerhill Credit Union
  • Hezel CultureSmart assessments have provided a way for our organization to find a great fit for the position we are filling. Not only do the assessments reveal an applicant’s strengths and opportunities for improvements, but they help predict if the employee will be satisfied in the role. We all want productive employees, but it’s paramount we have engaged and happy employees who truly enjoy their workplace.
    Heather B. SwannVice President of People Ops - Listerhill Credit Union
  • The features I appreciate most about the HCS assessments are the timeliness of the results and the detail of the full report. I like that the report includes sample interview questions to ask, and I like seeing the areas that are considered to be in the “fit” range for each job. Other helpful aspects of the report are the flagged areas customized to each position. This is certainly helpful in making a final decision when hiring a candidate. I find the personality characteristics to be helpful as well when deciding if a person will be a good fit for a specific position.
    Alina Sternberg, PHR, SHRM-CPHR Manager- Lucifer Lighting Company
  • The HCS testing profile is used by us for follow-up questioning of candidates. We find the text suggested questions on behavior to be worthwhile in second stage interviewing. When we have disregarded adverse testing criteria and decided to hire a candidate, and there are later performance issues and coaching required, we go back to review the candidate’s testing profile and frequently find content we should not have overlooked. Mary Martin’s thoughtful one-on-one discussion with candidates, and subsequent feedback to us is illuminating and is often our go/no go switch. We consider HCS to be an important 1/3 of each employment decision. Our endorsement is strong!
  • Mary Martin and her organization have been instrumental in providing an objective view into candidates for key roles. Our new partnership has evolved from initial and simple assessment to multiple assessments, feedback, candidate interviews and a new base line assessment project. We value and enjoy Mary’s partnership in our recruiting and selection process – we look forward to a long and lasting partnership.
  • As a longtime client of Hezel CultureSmart, Texas Auto Carriers has been using pre-employment assessments for our administrative positions several years now. Being a small company with a relatively small staff, we have to make the most of our hiring process and the team at HCS has helped us to implement a battery of assessments that give us the decision-making tools we need. I find that our interviewing process has become more productive and ultimately our hiring has been more on-target. Mary Martin and her team are very warm and friendly to work with while bringing a high level of professionalism to every project.
    LouAnn WagnerTexas Auto Carriers

Our Mission:

To design and implement strategies and programs, developed with a rigorous methodology, that will allow companies to optimize their organizational culture and to improve their general performance.